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Some info…

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just picked this up from Wikipedia:

In 1945 seven locomotives were taken over by the Soviet Military Administration when they occupied their zone in Austria. These locomotives, 12.002, 005, 006, 007, 009, 013, and 12.101 had T (Trofya) painted before their running numbers and marked CCCP. The Russians did not transfer these locomotives out from Austria and when they withdrew their Occupying Forces in 1955 the locomotives were returned to ÖBB in September 1955. When the main line west of Vienna was electrified, all ÖBB 1D2 locomotives were out of suitable work for them. They were taken out from service and were written off from books.

So it does appear my loco isn’t technically Russian. Bah, humbug. Its got CCCP up the side, its Russian!


To give up one dream…

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

…Is to realise another. Or the story of how I was hacked, found out about it, stopped it, and screwed them.

One might argue that a story of lax computer security would belong on my other blog, Rackingwoes. Normally, yes. But is it really paranoia when they are out to get you? I mean, I’ve heard of being screwed for a buck, had a debit card cancelled (leaving me without money over the Xmas/ NYE period a couple of years ago – I was sober for that one) and yes, had the infamous “Ghosts” hack another of my accounts by targeted brute forcing, but I lay low now. Or I hope I do.

I wished simply to purchase a Russian streamlined steam loco from a retailer in Russia. Myself, being content that “I’m on a Mac, I should be right, mate!” and ignoring the warnings from Google, had a look at this site. It loaded a Javascript trojan onto my computer, with a keylogger, and a connection for the “Botnet master” on Yes, I will name and shame that organisation. Shame on them for allowing a Botnet. Of course, being away from IRC for quite some time, I hadn’t encountered a Botnet in… years…

This trojan logged my passwords into my various accounts, you know, the various ones that depend on stuff like credit and debit cards, so on and so forth. Hell, I have most of my family members various cards in one of my accounts – and there is money in them – Tricky Business indeed! But I found out about it. How?

They sent me an email!

Yes, thats right, the idiots sent me an email. Now, if I were criminally minded, I’d be watching for logs – or someone checking their email just before bed. Which is what I was doing. Then I changed all my passwords to everything I could think of in a five minute span. Then I started getting rather paranoid. To no reason – blocked off in Little Snitch, killed JS on my browser, and consigned my plans to get this loco to the “round file.”

In fact, so peeved was I, that I bought two Russian steamers on eBay, a Brawa PT31 (2-8-2 or ruski 1-4-1, pine green and red, used, but with clean wheels – I suspect it may be a metal body), and a Liliput T12 (2-8-4, or ruski 1-4-2, black, new, even though an old model, made in Austria – again, I suspect it may be a metal body). Yes, this is me we’re talking about here – I don’t do steam. Or do I?

I guess I had an epiphany. I saw the true beauty behind steam locos – designed in an age when computer modelling and simulation didn’t exist, built with bare hands and a “can do” attitude. I mean, I’ve always loved steam, I just didn’t want to model it. Although looking on friends steamers, I thought wistfully, I wish that could be me.

Like HAGs, I never thought it’d happen. Now I have five HAGs.

I now have two Russian steamers. Yes, both are based on German locos, Wagner smoke deflectors (I do prefer Wittie deflectors, but beggers can’t be choosers), but these are fine, fine locos. Anything made in Austria, like the T12, or to a German design, like the PT31, has got to be good. And I have had a look at enough steam models in my time.

In line with this, I also downloaded a clip on Expo 1520. Yes, the usual new knockers on the block are there. But before the new diesels and electrics roll out, a long line up of steamers roll out, and my, they are beautiful! Admission: I like the “Yank” (the Baldwin) up at the ZZR. Damn shame about their paperwork. And I don’t have an opinion worth noticing, even as a concerned citizen who had it forced down his throat over several news items, because I’m not a member. Well, hooray to them – get someone else to do your paperwork! And never say I didn’t offer.

So I gave up a streamliner, in brass, with a good looking mech (was a bit sketchy about the motor, looked cheap-ish) to get two German produced Russian steamers. And thats the way it will be, for now.

If I look at getting the streamliner again, which may happen, I’ve devised a paranoid plan. Taking forward my blocks on, and my disabling of JS, I’ll order it, on a “dummy” Paypal account, with a “pre-paid” debit card. These can be gotten at the local post office, heck, I can go to the LPO and get one. Once thats used up, thats it. So if I’m hacked, I’m not using an account where other people may be affected, and if I don’t end up with item, I can go through the usual Paypal refund process.

If I end up doing this, and getting the model, so on and so forth, I’ll try to order a DR1 in brass – but thats a long, long way off.

In the meantime, I have two beautiful Russian steamers ready to be shipped! Wicked!

GDM4 and Trolleybus

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Got my GDM4 – as I suspected, its narrow gauge (H0e). Next to it is my Austrian trolleybus, and behind that is my TE109.


To explain my title, I have to explain what I did, and what I worked out. Today, I made a trip to Sydney to pick up some non conductive wheelsets for my Marklin SZD wagons. When I bought the wagons, I found one box (two wagons) was non conductive, while the six other wagons were. Odd, I thought, but ok. To solve the problem, I thought I’d get some wheels from a Marklin dealer, and hey presto, end of problem.

How wrong was I.

After popping the old conductive wheelsets out, and throwing them in the damn bin, I fitted the new, non conductive wheelsets. Installation went smoothly, but muscling the metal bogie sideframes to put the new wheelsets in hurt the pads of my fingers. No pain, no gain. No pain, no brain. Or something like that? Now, theres a clue just there. Read on.

Dropped the first wagon on, one of my low loaders. Hooked up the 2M62, hit the “get down and boogie” button, and away she went. Cool, I thought! Dropped on one of the tank wagons (kesselwagens), boogie again – and then I found there was a short in the house! The CDA was buzzing like a chainsaw taking to a 300 year old Wollimi Pine. Oops?

A quick test of the remaining wagons confirmed that the five wagons, apart from the first lowloader, were conductive. Somehow. I thought I may have been sold mutton dressed up as lamb – conductive wheelsets in with the non conductive ones! But out came the trusty multimeter, busted probe and all. Time to do some detective work.

I confirmed the wheelsets were non conductive. I haven’t tested them all, but if you keep reading, you’ll find out why. After scratching my head a bit, poking around with the probes, so on and so forth, my gaze fell upon the sideframe. The metal sideframe.

Jamming the probes in to where the needlepoints on the wheels rotate inside the sideframe, I hit gold! Or a short anyway. The multimeter was buzzing like that 1902 4HUSKY ripping into a 500 year old Wollimi Pine. And so, realisation dawned – I hadn’t been sold mutton, somehow, through dumb luck, one wagon was insulated, where the other five weren’t.

I’ll call TrainTrader soon, and ask for their opinion on the matter. In the meantime, I have a low loader to admire behind my 2M62!



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No, not using the service, I just happened to stumble upon this:

Although Flash decided to crap out on me, I got to see the TU2 with the modified German carriages. I have to be a little smug here, I’m getting Pafawag carriages in a couple of months time, when they are produced. However, with the steam freight, the wagons are right on the mark – know those Russian flat wagons anywhere.

It also helps that I’ve seen a photo of the model of the flat wagons as well. I wonder if my contacts in the Ukraine have them?

A grab bag of links

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Went crazy searching for combinations of words such as “Russian model trains” and “Russian H0 scale” etc. Came up with some interesting links.

First up, I went looking (before the crazy searches) for a DR1A. Couldn’t find any. Then went crazy looking for “everything” and came up with a link to a proposed brass model of a DR1: – they also have a model of a brass streamlined steam loco. If I were into steam, I’d be mighty tempted. Heck, I am tempted.

Next is an informative site, the Russian locos and layouts photo collection: – I’d seen this site a while back before I knew anything about Russian locos, and became disillusioned that I couldn’t find any of these great models for sale. Now I know alot of sources!

Chris’s layout deserves a mention (mostly because I was looking at his pics of the DR1A): – Chris sold the layout a couple of years ago, I guess before he moved. There was much disappointment from the masses of modellers that he had indeed sold his pride and joy, but I guess that opened doors for him, and the bloke who ended up with the layout would be quite happy, I suspect.

Next is SDV Model from Czechoslovakia: – they make kits of H0 scale Russian and former Eastern Bloc prototypes, including a nice Skoda trolleybus (everyone knows I’m crazy about trolleybuses) and what they call a SPOT-55 – literally a firefighting “tank” (think army, not water tank). It looks to me that most of the components are moulded in the primary colours, so thats a big help. Could you picture my Marklin “neiderflurwagons” with some SPOT-55s on them? I sure can!

Lastly for today – is this the precursor to Modellmix: – I’m not sure, but there are wagons and locos on that page that are similar, or the same, as Modellmix. I had a bit of a look, one word: wow. I love the metro stuff, and the cool wagons.


A list of models

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Even though this list is from an N scale site, it has lists for H0, TT as well as N. These lists, while not giving links (except to photos) are a good starting point for searching for your own models. I may, in the future, adapt this list, and make it a page on this blog. Of course I’ll include all the links I can.

Using Google Translate for this list helps, but most people would be able to pick up on the loco names by simple association. I am fluent in the loco names in Cyrillic now. However, the more complex words (such as the listings of the freight wagons), I still need Google Translate.

I’ve used this list in the past for looking around for various models, and it is what led me to Modellmix.