Mutton dressed up as lamb…?

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

To explain my title, I have to explain what I did, and what I worked out. Today, I made a trip to Sydney to pick up some non conductive wheelsets for my Marklin SZD wagons. When I bought the wagons, I found one box (two wagons) was non conductive, while the six other wagons were. Odd, I thought, but ok. To solve the problem, I thought I’d get some wheels from a Marklin dealer, and hey presto, end of problem.

How wrong was I.

After popping the old conductive wheelsets out, and throwing them in the damn bin, I fitted the new, non conductive wheelsets. Installation went smoothly, but muscling the metal bogie sideframes to put the new wheelsets in hurt the pads of my fingers. No pain, no gain. No pain, no brain. Or something like that? Now, theres a clue just there. Read on.

Dropped the first wagon on, one of my low loaders. Hooked up the 2M62, hit the “get down and boogie” button, and away she went. Cool, I thought! Dropped on one of the tank wagons (kesselwagens), boogie again – and then I found there was a short in the house! The CDA was buzzing like a chainsaw taking to a 300 year old Wollimi Pine. Oops?

A quick test of the remaining wagons confirmed that the five wagons, apart from the first lowloader, were conductive. Somehow. I thought I may have been sold mutton dressed up as lamb – conductive wheelsets in with the non conductive ones! But out came the trusty multimeter, busted probe and all. Time to do some detective work.

I confirmed the wheelsets were non conductive. I haven’t tested them all, but if you keep reading, you’ll find out why. After scratching my head a bit, poking around with the probes, so on and so forth, my gaze fell upon the sideframe. The metal sideframe.

Jamming the probes in to where the needlepoints on the wheels rotate inside the sideframe, I hit gold! Or a short anyway. The multimeter was buzzing like that 1902 4HUSKY ripping into a 500 year old Wollimi Pine. And so, realisation dawned – I hadn’t been sold mutton, somehow, through dumb luck, one wagon was insulated, where the other five weren’t.

I’ll call TrainTrader soon, and ask for their opinion on the matter. In the meantime, I have a low loader to admire behind my 2M62!



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