A grab bag of links

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Went crazy searching for combinations of words such as “Russian model trains” and “Russian H0 scale” etc. Came up with some interesting links.

First up, I went looking (before the crazy searches) for a DR1A. Couldn’t find any. Then went crazy looking for “everything” and came up with a link to a proposed brass model of a DR1: http://www.custom-train.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_37&products_id=474 – they also have a model of a brass streamlined steam loco. If I were into steam, I’d be mighty tempted. Heck, I am tempted.

Next is an informative site, the Russian locos and layouts photo collection: http://modeltrains.railclub.ru/php/modeltrains.php?pagina=2&album=0&check=8.5 – I’d seen this site a while back before I knew anything about Russian locos, and became disillusioned that I couldn’t find any of these great models for sale. Now I know alot of sources!

Chris’s layout deserves a mention (mostly because I was looking at his pics of the DR1A): http://www.angelfire.com/dc/zheka/prokhorovsk.html – Chris sold the layout a couple of years ago, I guess before he moved. There was much disappointment from the masses of modellers that he had indeed sold his pride and joy, but I guess that opened doors for him, and the bloke who ended up with the layout would be quite happy, I suspect.

Next is SDV Model from Czechoslovakia: http://www.sdvmodel.cz/ – they make kits of H0 scale Russian and former Eastern Bloc prototypes, including a nice Skoda trolleybus (everyone knows I’m crazy about trolleybuses) and what they call a SPOT-55 – literally a firefighting “tank” (think army, not water tank). It looks to me that most of the components are moulded in the primary colours, so thats a big help. Could you picture my Marklin “neiderflurwagons” with some SPOT-55s on them? I sure can!

Lastly for today – is this the precursor to Modellmix: http://tep10.narod.ru/ – I’m not sure, but there are wagons and locos on that page that are similar, or the same, as Modellmix. I had a bit of a look, one word: wow. I love the metro stuff, and the cool wagons.



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