A conversion

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Already, the creative juices are flowing. I got a picture of a VL10 (VL for “Vladimir Lenin” – yes, that Lenin) that is sold by Andrey in Saint Petersburg, and had a bit of a look. Looking also at a photo of a Hollywood Foundry “Design a Mech” (where you tell them what sizes you need, and they supply the mech to you as a kit) I figured I could be a cheapskate, and have a bit of fun putting a mech in a “stand.”

I’ll also need metal wheels, while the wheels on the mech will be spoked, what about the plastic wheels on the second section? Lucky Modellhobby-Orenburg sell spoked metal wheels suitable for a VL10. I’ll also need some couplers, I’ll get them from Chris when I order my TEM2.

Overall, it looks like a completely do-able project that could be easily done over a weekend. Of course, I’ll have some scotch at the end to celebrate. While the savings over a mechanised VL10 aren’t great, the beauty of this is, I’ve done it, designed it, engineered it, and built it, and then have that knowledge to take forward, say to a VL22 or something. The 2TE121 doesn’t look like it could be mechanised easily, nor does a GT1.

So, even though alot of Russian trains are sold as “posters” or “stands” (dummy units), one can motorise them, and looking at this VL10, it doesn’t look excessively hard. Of course, in the case of a diesel, one could have a “B” unit (TEM2 or ChME3) pushing the dummy unit around. The situation with mechanising isn’t hopeless…!


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