Russian Narrow Gauge Locomotives

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

I got my copy of Volume 2 of “Russian Narrow Gauge Diesel and Electric Locomotives” on Thursday, and have been studying it closely ever since. Since it was only Volume 2, I was taking a gamble on what it would have in terms of content: would it have any information about the electric locos? And I’m happy to say, the gamble paid off!

In addition to the PEU1 and PEU2 details (as well as all kinds of other electric locos), it has information about what the authors refer to as “motor trolleys.” I’d bought a motor trolley two weeks ago off eBay, from the Ukraine. While realising it was narrow gauge (or at least, the wheels looked to have 9mm between them in the photo), I didn’t know this book I had gotten would have information about it.

It appears the motor trolley I bought is a model GMD-4, with an axle arrangement of 1-1-0. Earlier models had an axle arrangement of 1-2-0. These could be used for shunting, whereas the GMD-4, less an axle, and a lower maximum weight (3 tons versus 5 tons) couldn’t really be used for moving wagons. Lucky its just a model, as the intention was to use it in my container yard as a shunter.

So the GMD-4 is in the mail, waiting to come from the Ukraine!

Some other good news is, my friend Dave of Northwest Models (hi Dave!) has studied the photos I have sent him of the PEU2, and told me it can be made! I’ve selected a Bemo V51 mechanism for the mech – the V51 has a measurement of 112.6mm over the buffers, whereas the PEU2 would be, at scale, 124mm over the buffers. Although there is more information on the PEU1, there is a side elevation of the PEU2, and a number of black and white photos. It appears it actually is a double unit loco, like a 2TE10U, or a 2M62. This wasn’t illustrated in the photos I had given Dave, only one section was pictured.

Now I have to get these drawings and photos scanned in, so I can send them to Dave. Painting the model should be simple, easy to mask, nothing at all like the QRNational “eagle” livery, or even the EDI Downer Rail livery. Pantographs? Haven’t had much of a look yet – Dave might be able to help out there, he said hes made models of the Victorian suburban sets.

So everything is burbling along, as per usual. I’m yet to lay the narrow gauge, despite having two locos for it now. I’m planning on getting some Zillertalbahn coaches to size up the distance between the inner loop of standard gauge, and the narrow gauge. See how we go!


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