To and fro

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hah hah! While listening to Lethian Dreams today, Dave and I laid the second loop of track, using 16 pieces of R3 and three pieces of Flexitrack. Of course, we chopped up the third piece of Flexi, and all the tests for clearance came out good. Soldered the power feeds (two thereof) to the track, threw on one of my HAG Re460s for a smoke test, and hey presto – it worked!

With the 2TE10U, I’d noticed on the “R4” Flexitrack only laid track, the front wheels of the bogies would come off, in the direction of travel. This led me to “disable” the motor in the second unit in an attempt to fix the problem. Theres still a bit of weight in the second unit, and while the 2TE10U did run today, there seemed to be some resistance – drag or oil on the tracks, I don’t know. I’ll get a track rubber next week, and run it over the R3 pieces, as they seem a little dirty. And to support this claim, the loco did speed up on the straight section.

I also purchased two Pines 45 foot trailers yesterday at the steal of $9.90 each. This is while the local hobby shop is officially doing renovations. They assured me the renovations were going well – so well the computers weren’t hooked up at the register, and we had to write everything down by hand…! But they were good about it, I’m very lucky they agreed to let me purchase the track while everything was literally turned upside down. Thanks TPA! Don’t let the name of the link fool you, they sell a good selection of modern stuff too.

I’ve also, after the track was laid and my Sapsan and 2M62 made some test laps, had the time to hook up my rack of gear – my other blog RackingWoes has some details – I’ve been a little tardy and not updated it lately. But the rectifiers and routers are all humming away, now with an RCD in place, I’m a safe little chap!

I’ve gotten some insulated rail joiners yesterday, in addition to my R3 pieces and Pines trailers, and if I ever decide to convert my layout to digital control of my own invention, I can now do so. I’d like a six block section (so twelve blocks over the two standard gauge loops), and each block controller can control two sections, as well as provide signalling. Its in the process of being developed, but I have other things on at the moment that are diverting my attention away from this system.

Lets just say, its far more prototypical than DCC.

So, I’m plodding along. Dave and I are going to fix the “R4” loop next week, theres some mods and tweaks we want to apply to it. See how we go, of course, and that gives my Zillertalbahn D15 plenty of time to turn up, as well as my TU2 after that. Mr Indra has assured me the work on the 3Aw carriages is slowly advancing – I’ll probably buy a part of his first batch. I’m particularly interested in the Postal carriages hes making…


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