Hmmm, might have to rethink that one…

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

And that one simply is – “How I’m laying my track.” I’ve found all kinds of problems manifest when running my 2TE10U over the joins in the track, to the point where back of the loco and front bogie of the next car are lifted right up and derail. I’ve been told I should physically bend the tracks into some semblance of proper gauge.

Or I can take a rather vexed approach: radius 3 and 4 tracks. Now, I can hear most of you groan, “But why?” Well, it appears, despite my best efforts, I can’t really lay Flexitrack. I’ve managed to get one join out of about a dozen, to work fine. Now remember, the shorter wheelbase 2M62 works fine on this track.

The mere fact radius 4 curves are being sold now is a godsend to my track laying efforts. I simply want to run trains in a good environment – it doesn’t have to be perfectly to the prototype. Heck people, its a model, some creative licence is needed. So I’m going with fixed radius curves.

I did some lazy math – 575mm radius for R4, means a diameter of 1,150mm, which fits into the 1,200mm I have available. It’ll have 25mm spacing either side. R3s are 505mm radius, so 1,010mm diameter. I’ll have to redo the shields on the left hand side of the layout, Dave will help me on that one.

So I might even be able to lay this track properly. Daves helped with the majority of the work for the Flextrack, but running the 2TE10U over it almost broke my heart. I’ve been put back weeks in terms of laying the track, but hopefully I can make that up by laying fixed radii.

Additionally, I’ve sent some data to another friend about the Russian narrow gauge PEU2 two unit electric locomotive. Its a beautiful train, although most of the pictures are of it in a rusted, dilapidated state. One of the photos I got have it without pantograph, simply rusting away. I have no other information about the locomotive, such as measurements, or engineering drawings, but I’m going to get the bi-lingual book “Russian narrow-gauge diesel and electric locomotives, volume 2.” Hopefully that’ll contain some information, as well as information about other narrow gauge locos in Russia. If I can find Volume 1, I’ll get it too.

I’m planning on using a Bemo V51 mechanism for the PEU2 if I can get it made. Hopefully the mech won’t consume too much energy, and I can use my smaller controller to power two motorised units, like my 2TE10U. I’m pretty certain I could get about an Amp out of the controller though.

And for the narrow gauge, I’ll still be using the lengths of Flexitrack I have in OO9 scale (H0e). I’ll have something to lay them “against” when the fixed radii are in. Thursday is D-Day for getting the track. If I have enough time in the evening, I might even re-lay my radius 4 loop.


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