On the Eve of…

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, I’ve ordered a 2M62. Diving right in, you could say, thats for sure! I’m just waiting for the usual “messy” parts to wear themselves out and the whole thing put in the mail, then it can get on with the business of getting here…!

I’ve gotten the lumber mill and the log skidders – and made a discovery: Siku logs are different lengths in different packs. Yes, yes, Mr Grantham, if I want it to look real, use real logs. Guess what? Its a model. I don’t want it to be “real” as such.

In fact, the whole thing is loosely based on reality. Americans are fine, they can invent shortlines and stuff, but what about us here modelling Russia? Well, I figure, as long as it looks good, who really gives a hoot?

So, I’ll be waiting a bit over a month for my 2M62. Thats how long the mail from Saint Petersburg takes. But in the meantime, I have a layout to prepare! I got another bit of the electrical system dont today – pop riveted the splitter box to the “tender” table. The splitter connects to the two controllers on one side, and the two feeds to the layout on the other side.

I’m waiting on the terminal strips, they’re coming from England, but one will be pop riveted to the tenders table, and the other two will be screwed to the underside of the layout where the feeds are. The power cables will then come up, and be soldered to the tracks.

I’m going to order the H0e track tomorrow, thats also coming from England. Ten lengths of the best. Well, Code 80 Peco H0e Flexitrack. It’ll be used for the Russian narrow gauge equipment I’ll be buying.

I’m just plodding along, I might post up a pic of my splitter box when I get the terminal strip mounted and such. Its SCART, haha. I wanted to use SCART for something other than TV, and since I had a few cables, I butchered them…


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