Terms in Russian

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was just browsing the Google English translation of Modellhobby Orenburg, and I thought I’d comment on some terms that may be a bit misleading or unclear.

The words stand, poster or bench mean a locomotive model that doesn’t have a motor in it. These are known as dummy locos in other parts of the hobby.

The word BUT is simply a translation of H0, the scale of the models. For a long time I wondered what BUT meant, and drew the conclusion one day after a good, long think.

In other news, using our good friends at Google Translate, I’ve had a look at the Modellmix site. In one word: wow! In one sentence: my poor old wallet. I’ve found a model of a TEP70BS that isn’t a dummy model!

I’ll be posting up the links a little later, at the moment I’m blogging from my Galaxy Tab.


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