The Sapsan

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I took advantage of the 25% off all Piko models at Eurolokshop ( and ordered a Sapsan model. The Sapsan is a Russian broad gauge version of the German ICE-3, and runs between Saint Petersburg and Moscow (hence the name of this blog). I picked it up for $135, plus about $50 postage, which isn’t too bad, considering I’m getting two end cars, a power car, and an intermediate car.

I am now in the Limbo alike world of “I’ve paid, now wheres my model?!” aka, transit time. Lithgow is a place where things always come a little later than you expect. Although I did have my 2TE10U turn up so fast it surprised both Chris and myself! In the meantime, I’ve gotten my Russian Lokotrans calendar out, and flipped to June – a picture of a TEP60 in maroon and yellow.

I’m also going to try to get a 2M62 model – this should be good, from what I understand of the specs, only one unit is powered. If you were to mod two Roco M62s, both units would be powered… or you could rip the worm gears and motor out of one? I’m very interested to see this 2M62, and have a play. As an aside, both sections of my 2TE10U are powered, and will require special programming on my ECoS.

So, to pad out this entry, I’ll outline my control system – I’ve just alluded to the ECoS, I bought one in 2008, when it was the latest and greatest. I also use ESU Lokpilot decoders, and I’m planning on getting a Naviagator for my small layout. The Navigator can be hooked up to the ECoS, and provides a cheap way to have wireless control.

By the way, the ECoS is still on the initial software revision that I received it at!


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