Three tiers of models

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

I like a basic model. Thats just me, I don’t like little bits that can snap off, and ruin the look of the model. Handrails and grab irons should be well formed, if there at all. I have some Austrains Victorian cement cars with that much detail on them, it scares me to even think about handling them, let alone run on a layout. And I’m the kind of person who likes to pick up his models, admire them, but not bloody break them…!

So with that fact in mind, lets examine the three tiers of Russian models.

You have the low price end, the medium price end, and the high price end. This much is obvious with any item, and yes, sometimes you get what you pay for. But I believe, with Russian models, all three price ranges are quite good in quality and robustness. It just depends on your budget, and your inclination, on which of the three, or even all three, you wish to choose.

At the low price end, you have such great models as the Piko ICE-3 “Sapsan” and Chris Whites excellent models. These are an achievable goal for most people, and with the Sapsan in particular, you may find it discounted. I’ve started here, after first buying a Roco M62 (medium price range). For the money, you simply can’t go wrong. Plus, that individual service you get from Chris cannot be beaten.

In the medium price range, as mentioned, is the Roco M62 and the Roco TE109. I’m just going by models I know are available, right now, and if I had the money, I know I could buy. Additionally in this medium price range bracket is LS Models and Tillig coaches, and some of the excellent Bergs and Modela frieght models. These are your bread and butter, and while a little more pricier than the much more modelled European subjects (read: Germany, Austria, etc) one can get around these by buying flat and gondola wagons from Chris, Bergs and Modela.

Now for the highest price bracket. These are mostly locomotive models – the TEP70, 2M62, and the TE3. TEP70s, well, I don’t think you can get them from anywhere else. 2M62, if you were inclined, take a pair of Roco models and modify them. And the TE3s, you could make from a Haidar DF3 (Dong Feng 3). I may, if I do some of these mods, publish them on this blog, or if anyone out there has done these mods, if you could contact me, that would be great.

Now, most of you will be saying “Yeah, a Piko doesn’t compare to a brass model” and you’d be right. But I reckon, if you like the prototype, and you want to plonk down the amount of cash asked for, then really, its your life, right? No train holy wars here…!


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