Hello world! (and parts of Russia)

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

For a long time, I’ve wanted to model Russian railways. As a child, I had a healthy interest in Russian culture and langauge, but being taught at a Catholic school soon put an end to these dreams of one day going to Russia. Additionally, when I developed an interest in Russia, glasnost was a new idea, and there was hatred on both sides of the former Iron Curtain.

Then in about  2007, I saw a back issue of Railroad Modeller, with an article on Chris Whites layout. Many of you will know Chris from his website www.redstarrailways.com. I now have a 2TE10U, handmade by Chris, and I love it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My journey in modelling has been a twisted one to say the least. My father, uncles and grandfather were all on the New South Wales Government Railways at some point in their life, in fact, I bucked the family occupation to strike out in Telecommunications Engineering and Embedded Systems Development. But as a four year old boy, for Christmas I received the model that started it all, the seminal Lima XPT.

When i was six, my father passed away, in fact going into work on the train for the day. After that, to try to remember him, I became obsessed with trains. It started having effects on my young mind, and my step father forbade me from liking trains, and yes, he did get rid of my original layout, giving it away to a kid down the street. Man, did I cry when my whole life was ripped out of me.

To fill the void for the next fifteen years, I became skilled in computers, then telecommunications. Eventually I would make this my obsession!

In 2007, I contacted an old mate, about the liklihood of getting back into trains. The rest they say, is history. I served as the first elected Secretary of the Lithgow and District Model Rail Club, getting a number of important donations, and securing the Clubs future. Due to ill health, I had to give up that position at the end of 2008.

But in the meantime, I collected trains. And still do. At one point I was going to sell them all again, but knew I wouldn’t get what I wanted on the secondhand market, especially the ones that had decoders in them… Anyway, back on track (literally) I’ve got an M62 – as a V200 – and a 2TE10U that I mentioned earlier. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a great collection of Russian models.

Another name you should know is my friend Andrey at www.russian-railways.com. Andrey stocks a few other loco types, such as 2M62s, TEP70s, and TE3s/ TE7s, as well as quite a fair few wagon and carriage models. Andrey also stocks the Russian railways magazine, Lokotrans. And lastly, for this post is Baltic Railways Magazine – while not strictly Russian, its gives an idea of the former Eastern Bloc states.

While I am just one man, and while my budget is limited, I hope to purchase and review a few models soon, and also build a layout at my mothers house – in my former step fathers tool shed actually, hows that for irony? Additionally, if you have any questions or information on Russian modelling, I’d be happy to hear it, while I’m not going to claim I am the Russian Railways Modelling Group, I have enough passion, if you do…



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